Roku 2 Catapults Roku Into the World of Motion-Controlled Gaming

In the tight battle to be the leading media streamer, the Roku surprised a lot of people by carving out a significant portion of a market that included more hyped products like the Boxee Box, Apple TV and Google TV. To date, Roku has sold over a million of its devices, like the Roku HD, Roku XD and Roku XDS, that allow users to stream NetFlix, Hulu Plus and other online media in full high definition on their televisions for a fraction of the price of their competitors.

It turns out that Roku isn’t content to rest in its position as a leader in the media streaming world, though. The Roku 2 was just unveiled and it features something that was previously unheard of among media streamers: motion-controlled gaming.

That’s right, the Roku is now taking on the Nintendo Wii–and a very big name is along for the ride: Angry Birds. The new Roku controllers work much the same way as Wiimotes do, albeit with a little less technological sophistication. The tremendously popular game Angry Birds is the flagship launch title, but Roku has plans to make a large library of casual games available to Roku 2 users.

Three models of the Roku 2 will his store shelves soon: the HD, XD and XS. They will be priced the same as the their original Roku counterparts, although they are all much smaller and feature-rich.

The XD comes with a 1080p video output (a feature lacking on the HD) and the XS comes with a game remote, which will run you about $30 if purchased separately.

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