DMX Sneaks Drugs In Prison – Gets Caught! (Photos!)

DMX is having some troubling times in the Arizona prison where he has spent the last seven months serving time for probation violation. Apparently, the rapper was caught sneaking drugs in prison.

Although DMX was set to leave prison this week, it seems he might be extending his stay in prison for a little while longer. According to TMZ, DMZ has had some series disciplinary infractions since being behind bars. Some of these infractions include: Drug possession, failing or refusing a drug test, smoking, disorderly conduct etc.

These breaches will keep DMX in Yuma prison for at least another week, maybe even longer! Honestly, it has to be longer. I mean, it doesn’t look like he has even changed his lifestyle in prison at all since he got in there!

Here is a copy of his track record from TMZ:

What do you think of his track record? Do you think they should extend his stay?

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