James Blunt Facebook Photo Sparks Controversy – Fans Outraged! Thoughts?

Singer James Blunt caused quite the controversy told when she posted a photo on his Facebook page in front of a building in Poland with the caption: “Err….this is my hotel in Poland.”

It might seem fairly innocent – but fans were OUTRAGED by the photo due to its close proximity to the infamous Nazi Concentration camp Auschwitz.

Since the photo has been posted he has received over 6000 comments in different languages from all parts of the world. Most have stated their discontent. The picture did also receive over 17k “likes” which is why it seems, the singer/song writer hasn’t taken the picture down.

Blunt was actually staying at a five-star hotel before his performance in Poland. He was playing at the Life Festival. I’m not sure why this matters, but other news sources are broadcasting it. Are we to believe that we should take the comment literally and therefore, it’s less okay? I’m not sure.

Do you think he should take the photo down?

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2 Responses to James Blunt Facebook Photo Sparks Controversy – Fans Outraged! Thoughts?

  1. This is stupid. The guy probably just thought he was being funny, posting a pic of a run-down looking hotel and saying he was staying there. People get upset about the dumbest things without even stopping to think about what’s really going on. It’s not like he took a pic of Auschwitz itself and said “and here’s where I shower before my shows”.

  2. Apparently the picture shows an unfinished extension of the hotel he was really staying at. Seems some people have no sense of humor.