Comedy Central Cancels ‘Sports Show with Norm Macdonald,’ ‘Onion SportsDome’

Norm Macdonald has long been a favorite of comedy fans on the Internet. His bizarre,  hilarious and occasionally incoherent appearances on Conan and at celebrity roasts are celebrated in all corners of the web. Heck, even his old Saturday Night Live Weekend Update miscues (the ones that got him fired from SNL) are looked upon with a loving fondness.

Yes, the Internet loves Norm. Just don’t the Internet to watch him on his new (and now extinct) television show.

Comedy Central announced today that it is canceling ‘Sports Show with Norm Macdonald.’ The network is also turning off the lights for ‘Onion SportsDome,’ effectively wiping out the world’s supply of televised sports comedy in one fell swoop.

Macdonald’s ratings weren’t awful–he averaged 1.1 million viewers in his slot following ‘Tosh.0’–but they weren’t good enough to earn him a second season.

I’d love to say that it’s a shame the show was canceled, but I have to admit that I didn’t watch it. The few clips I saw online were great, but never enough to inspire me to tune in live. That’s always been the problem with Norm–he’s great in small doses and it’s always fun to come back to his unique comedy after you haven’t seen him in a while, but he’s not the kind of guy you want to spend time with every week.

It’s unclear what’s next for Norm, but I would imagine a slew of self-deprecating late-night talk show appearances is inevitable.

We’ll leave you with a “classic” clip from ‘Sports Show with Norm Macdonald.’

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2 Responses to Comedy Central Cancels ‘Sports Show with Norm Macdonald,’ ‘Onion SportsDome’

  1. stopherjohnson says:

    What the H?! Comedy Central announced they have cancelled Sports Show with Norm MacDonald. Total crap, I know. Let’s push to save the show. Here’s the Facebook petition to save the show. Please “like” the facebook petition and spread it around

  2. Here is an online petition to keep Norm’s Sports Show on the air.
    Lets fight for it.