Shannon Twins Back in the Playboy Mansion (Hot Photos!)

Looks like the Shannon Twins have moved back to the Playboy Mansion with their old buddy Hef.

After a broken engagement just five days before the wedding, Hugh Hefner seems to be in need of consoling. What’s better than a set of hot Playboy twins to heal a broken heart?

It all started this week when Crystal Harris and Hef got into a fight over the phone. By the end of the conversation she had broken off the wedding. The next day she returned to the mansion and emptied out all her belongings. The reason for the split? Crystal was upset that there would always be other women in his life, and all that money just isn’t worth it.

Now the twins are in and that didn’t happen without controversy. Apparently Karissa Shannon used and abused her now ex boyfriend Sam Jones III. Sam Jones III is the ex-Smallville actor who was caught conspiring to sell thousands of oxycodone pills. He’s only days away from sentencing which could have him imprisoned up to six years! Karissa will not be by standing by her man. As soon as she found out she was moving back to the mansion, she asked him to help her pack and as soon as she was ready to leave she broke up with him!


So to conclude: Hef is a single man again, the twins are back in the mansion and all is right with the world once again.

Anyways, for those of you just here for the hot photos – you can check them out below:

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