Raheem Brock Arrested for Ditching $27 Bar Tab

Seattle Seahawks defensive end Raheem Brock was arrested over the weekend for not paying a $27 bar tab.

The NFL’r was at the Copacabana Firday night when he decided to walk out without paying his bill. The bar was not happy and apparently called 9-1-1. The police responded to the theft and found the 6’4 Brock around the area. When they tried to arrest him on suspicion of theft, he resisted arrest making a bit of a scene. Although word has it that he didn’t get physical with the police officers trying to arrest him.

He was charged with suspicion of theft and resisting arrest. He was booked and charged the same night.

Raheem recently signed a five year deal with the Seahawks worth a cool $23.6 million dollars.

Apparently he’s a bit tight with his cash as he couldn’t even both to relinquish 27 of those dollars to pay for his own meal – honestly, was that worth an arrest and a ding on your record?

What do you think about the charges?

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