Gay Marriage Will Lead To Anarchy, Says Former Super Bowl Star

The man who caught the most famous pass in Super Bowl history has warned against what he feels are the extreme dangers of making gay marriage legal in the United States. Former New York Giant David Tyree said that he thinks legalizing same-sex marriage could eventually lead to “anarchy.”

Tyree made the comments in a promotional video for the National Organization for Marriage, a group that has come out strongly against gay marriage.

“If they pass this gay marriage bill, what I know will happen is this will be the beginning of our country sliding toward … it’s a strong word, but, anarchy,” Tyree said. “Marriage is one of those things that is the backbone of society. So if you redefine it, it changes the way we educate our children, it changes the perception of what is good, what is right, what is just.”

Tyree failed to explain how, exactly, society would fall apart by allowing gay marriage beyond his cryptic words about the perception of right and wrong.

You can see Tyree’s full statement here:

Tyree’s comments have gone viral and he’s come under a lot of fire since making the controversial statement from fans and even a former teammate.

Former Giant (and Super Bowl winner alongside Tyree) Michael Stahan certainly doesn’t agree with him. Stahan recently appeared in a video supporting same-sex marriage in New York. Steve Tisch, the chairman and executive vice president of the New York Giants, has also come out in favor of same-sex marriage.

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  1. All “marriage” licensed and governed by the state is a joke. A JOKE. Money-making BS.