Vancouver Erupts In Riots After Canucks Lose Stanley Cup

The Boston Bruins dominated the Vancouver Canucks in Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Final last night, taking home the Cup for the first time since 1972.

After the game, many of the thousands of Vancouver citizens who were watching the game on giant video screens in the streets began to riot. They overturned cars, set fires and looted. It was a sad and embarrassing scene for the city of Vancouver, Canada as a whole and the game of hockey.

Graphic images and video have begun to emerge from last night’s scene. They show the extent of the carnage and, in many cases, the faces of the perpetrators.

In this video, we see a man try to prevent some hooligans from breaking store windows. At about the 2:57 mark, the man is savagely beaten by rioters.

Here, we see rioters destroy an overturned car before police arrive and disperse the crowd with tear gas.

This video, which we cannot embed, shows a young person being hit in the groin with a flash bang device launched by police.

This morning, angry Vancouver citizens have called for the rioters to be identified and charged by police. Several Facebook groups and websites have been set up to post photos and video of rioters, in an effort to expose their involvement.

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