Sean Bean Stabbed Outside Pub In London

Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones star Sean Bean was allegedly stabbed in the arm outside a London pub over the weekend. What did the grizzled actor do ? According to reports, Bean went back inside and kept drinking.

Witnesses said Bean stepped outside of the pub to enjoy a cigarette with friend (and possible romantic interest) April Summers, a young British glamor model and former Playboy Playmate. While outside, a passer-by made some rude comments about Summers that Bean was not exactly pleased with. He confronted the man who made the comments. Later in the evening, the commenter allegedly returned to the bar, punched Bean in the face and stabbed him with a shard of glass.

Rather than head to the hospital, Bean is said to have allowed the pub staff to clean him up with their first aid kit and then he kept drinking. Really, though, would we have expected anything else from the man who plays Ned Stark, the Lord of Winterfell?

No word on what happened to the attacker, but it wouldn’t be a surprise to hear that Bean dispensed of him with swift justice.

You can catch Bean on Game of Thrones, currently airing on HBO.

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