Duke Nukem Forever – Latest Trailer looks Awesome! (Watch!)

The long awaited Duke Nukem Forever game is almost upon us and Gearbox Software launched his newest and more than likely final trailer before the game is finally released on June 10th.

Based on the trailer, the game still seems to have everything we love about Duke Nukem – creepy monsters, jet packs, funny one-liners, cool cars and more.

The Duke Nukem franchise has already been around for over 15 years – can you believe it? 2K tells fans that Duke Nukem Froever will be filled with  “over-the-top with irreverent humor, catchy one-liners that will make your mama blush, and frantic, bone-shaking action sequences that will simultaneously rock your world and neighbors’ walls.”  Cannot wait for this!

Check out the newest trailer to be released below. You can’t help but laugh. :

Will play Duke Nukem forever when it comes out in a couple of days? What do you think of the trailer?

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