$120 Gift Card and $50 Best Buy Gift Card Giveaway Winner!

Have you checked out is your source for exciting auction shopping and unbelievable deals on brand new brand name products from consumer electronics, cars and accessories, home/garden products, lifestyle & fashion, videogames and more!

Beezid offers an easy and thrilling innovation on online shopping called penny auctions, where users  can get thousands of dollars of items at more than 90% off. The savings are built into the system so you can take advantage of them again and again. The site helps even further with regular bonuses and incentives shared on their blog, twitter stream, and facebook page.

For more info on how Beezid works, check out their video tutorial.

This week we’re giving away a $120  Gift Card for and $50 for to ONE lucky Manolith Reader!

And the winner is..


Congrats!  Check your email for more info on claiming your prize.

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