E3 2011 Preview: The New Wii 2, Sony’s NGP & More!

The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) has been around since 1995 and every year we anxiously await what the future will bring in gaming from multibillion-dollar companies to the little guys. The event starts tomorrow and there’s already some big buzzing going around about what’s to be expected from

The New Wii 2

One thing we can expect this year is the much anticipated unveiling of the WII 2. Currently, the Wii is the most popular of the three major gaming consoles – but one thing hasn’t been able to do is attract hardcore gamers to their console.

Meet the Wii 2.

While Microsoft and Sony unveiled their new motion-sensor systems last year, Nintendo sat back and took it in stride. Smart move considering the two titans were just trying to compete with the Wii. Now this year, Nintendo can take it one step further with their new console.

“They know they’ve kind of lost touch with that market, and we’re really curious to see if they’re going to go out against Sony and the Xbox and compete for that audience,” said Dan Hsu, co-founder of gaming site Bitmob.

“Nintendo’s done a great job of reaching out to that casual market … so it might be a situation where they’ve seen how well games like the ‘Call of Duty’ series have done and they say, ‘Let’s try to get back a little into that (hardcore) side of the market.’

Sony’s NGP

Sony’s Next Generation Portable has been buzzing since January. Although Sony is not everyone’s best friend right now after the big hack took down the network for three weeks – they will probably use this time to woo back their customers while at the same wowing them.

The NGP seems like it’s going to be a big deal:

“Blurring the lines between interactive and entertainment,” reads Sony’s add for the unreleased device, which is expected to have impressive specs and will support top titles like “Call of Duty.”

“It is a bit of a breakthrough,” one source says, “You’ve got the controller and gameplay that will allow you to do some things on that handheld that you haven’t been able to do before.”

Are you excited to see the New Wii 2 and Sony’s NGP?

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