E3 2011: Star Trek Game 2012 For Xbox 360 and PS3 Buzz To be Released Next Summer!

With the 16th E3 starting in hours, there has been buzz all morning about what’s in store for Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii this year. Some buzz is already circulating about the new Star Trek game that’s set to hit stores in the Summer of 2012!

This game is unlike the previous Star Trek games that gives you a player created or no namer to move around with. In this new release you get to play both Captain Kirk and Spock together on the 2-player setting.

Marianne Krawczyk, most known for her work with God of War is working with Star Trek producers and co-writers Bob Orci and Alex Kurtzman on the new videogame storyline. Bad Robot, K/O Paper Productions and Damon Lindelof known for his work on Bioshock 2 and The Darkness II will also work on the development of the Star Trek game.  

What do you think of the new game?

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