E3 2011: Mass Effect 3 with Kinect and Xbox Live New Online Features!

Microsoft went on stage today at E3 to talk about some of the new things coming to Xbox this year. The two things that stood out for me were Kinects new integration with Mass Effect 3 and the incorporate of Voice recognition to the new Xbox Live dashboard.

We’ve got more information below:

Mass Effect 3

Today BioWare’s Ray Muzyka jumped on stage and talked about some of the new features on Mass Effect 3 and its integration with Kinect. The Kinect add on definitely looks cool – considering the game will have voice recognition that will enable you to have conversations with the characters in the game.

Not in a “hey how are you doing?” kind of way, instead of selecting which dialogue option you want you can would speak the line you want to use instead. Voice controls will also allow you to tell your comrades what to do while battling.

Xbox Live Online Features

The Xbox Live dashboard looks like another neat feature being added to the Xbox. Again this uses voice to navigate. Beyond that you will now be able to view Youtube, Hulu and other content providers through your Xbox. Also searching Bing will be a breeze with voice control options.

In the future you will also be able to watch television on your Xbox 360. The company has already begun working with TV providers to provide you with content. Soon you’ll be able to watch what you want, and DVR the stuff you want to see later. The release date? Fairly soon – they are looking to launch in the fall of 2011.

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