E3 2011: 2 Xbox 360 Kinect Games Leaked!

It’s the day before E3 and already we’re hearing some buzz about Microsoft’s new Kinect Titles. At
least two titles have been leaked so far. The titles show some new partnerships in the works as well as an introduction of popular iPhone games into the Microsoft system.

What are the new titles?

Looks like there may be a partnership between Disney in the works. USA Today has reported that Redmond is introducing Disneyland Adventures. This game allows you to visit a virtual Disneyland. You can walk, fly and interact within the famous park. Not really excited about this title – a tour of Disneyland just seems more of an interactive commercial than an actual game but we’ll have to see.

Another title is Fruit Ninja – a popular iPhone game turned Kinect venture. The game will work with the Xbox 360’s motion-sensing cameras. This will definitely be a hit even though it isn’t very groundbreaking.

Any other games in the works?

While there has been rumours that Mass Effect 3 has the potential to have Kinect support  – other titles haven’t exactly wow’d audiences. Other titles that have been leaked previously are Kinect Star Wars, and the kids game Sesame Street: Once Upon a Monster.  Other possible rumors have included a new console announcement or Xbox TV.

 Are you excited about any of the Microsoft Info Leaked today?

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