Octomom Bikini Pics: Is Nadya Sulemon Photo Shoot Hot or Not? (Photos!)

Check out the Photo Gallery Here!

Octomom has recently released bikini shots from an Orange County Beach photo shoot.

Welcome to the train wreck – one ticket please.

The photos are.. interesting to say the least. They’re obviously very very amateur. And while I believe that you usually can’t go wrong with bikini photos.. I feel I may have to eat my words on this one.

Now, I’m not sure what happened here. She did get paid to take these photos? Did she fish around to get a paycheck to the first media company dumb enough to buy them? Who knows. What I know is that these pictures are slightly tipping the atrocious line.

There has to be better ways for the Octomom to make a living? There just has to be. I fully believe she is has to have more potential than crazy creepy man baby s&m tapes and chicken legged bikini shots.

I take back the chicken leg comments – for someone who just birthed a bus she doesn’t look half bad.

With that I leave you with the photos:

Check out the Photo Gallery Here!

So what do you say, Is Octomom hot or not?

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4 Responses to Octomom Bikini Pics: Is Nadya Sulemon Photo Shoot Hot or Not? (Photos!)

  1. I can’t believe how people actually support this woman. She was only in the press to begin with because she had 8 babies. That in itself is irresponsible. If you know you can’t care for 8 more mouths to fill,don’t have 8 babies. The goernment is probably paying alot of her bills, and now she is a begger who wants everyone to give her money! She should have thought about her finances before habving 8 babies. She was probably counting on the government but that is also irresponsible. I know it must be difficult to take care of so many children but, I do not want my tax dollars to be given to someone like her. And frankly, I’d rather not see anymore news about her period. Its shameful for her to put those kids out there for financial game.

  2. Ella Ewing says:

    I think the DR. should support the Babies,he knew she should not had more Babies.

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  4. RastaFairyAnn says:

    Steven Tyler with tits.