The SuperHero Ultimate Training Manual Prize Pack Winner!

Every want to be a superhero? Let these books show YOU how!

The Spider-man Handbook: The Ultimate Training Manual – Becoming a superhero requires more than a costume change. To become Spider-Man, aspirants must learn to crawl up walls; develop a spider-sense; strike fear in the hearts of your enemies; swing from building to building; and, of course, stop a runaway car. The Spider-Man Handbook prepares spiders-in-training to master all these impressive skills. Perhaps just as important, it teaches skills that every Peter Parker needs in more earthbound activities.

The Superman Handbook: The Ultimate Training Manual – Look! Up in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s the Superman Handbook! Learn to channel your inner super hero and make the world a better place. No special powers are required (and you don’t have to wear tights, either). Handy step-by-step instructions will teach you:How to knock out a villain, How to stop a runaway car, How to jump in a single bound, How to find someone buried in an avalanche and much more! ( including a special section on practical skills (like ‘How to fix a broken photocopier’). ).

The Batman Handbook: The Ultimate Training Manual – At one time or another, we’ve all fantasized about being super heroes. The problem has always been that radioactive spider bites and sun-inspired superpowers are a bit hard to come by. But with The Batman Handbook, this lifelong fantasy can finally become a reality. With sections on “How to Throw a Batarang,””How to Make a Batsuit,” and “How to Bulletproof Your Batmobile,” this is the ultimate real-world training manual for any aspiring caped crusader. With original two-color illustrations by a DC Comics artist, The Batman Handbook has the information you’ll need to emerge victorious against any criminal mastermind. And with Batman Begins releasing in June 2005, and the new animated series The Batman! launched in Fall 2004, The Batman Handbook is sure to be a hit.

This week we’re giving away the Ultimate Training Manual SuperHero Prize Pack which includes: The Spider-man, Superman & Batman Handbook to ONE lucky Manolith Reader!

And the winner is..

Thomas Gibson

Congrats!  Check your email for more info on claiming your prize.

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