Danielle Staub – From Sextapes to Stripper.. Oye. (Photo!)

Meet Danielle Staub – former Housewife of NJ turned amateur sex tape maker with a taste for onion bagels.. and now a stripper. I guess it is the only logical step when you have nothing else going for you, and your sex tape has probably cost YOU money.

Such is the life for poor Danielle Staub who signed a three year deal with Scores Gentleman’s Club in NY. She’s agreed to do one live appearance and some appearances on ScoresLive.com. Let’s just hope that whoever pays for her lap dance doesn’t get her on a onion bagel with broccoli day..

Oh god, I just threw up in my mouth a little.

If you can handle it or just enjoy torturing your eyes – we have a little photo gallery here for you.

Check out the Photo Gallery Here

Do you think she’d make good money as a stripper?

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UPDATE: Apparently, Danielle Staub has STOPPED stripping and is now seeking psychological help.

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