Celebrity Rehab’s Jeff Conaway in Coma – Drug Overdose?

Sad news for fans of Celebrity Rehab – Jeff Conaway is in a coma after a drug overdose.

Jeff Conaway star of Taxi & Grease is recently known for his stint on Dr Drew’s Celebrity Rehab show back in 2008. On the show, he was in a wheelchair while he shared and battled through his painful substance abuse filled life for the public to see.

He was found by his manager Phil Brock on May 11. Brock found him unconscious after overdosing on pain pills. Currently he is in a coma at a hospital in Encino, California and still remains in critical condition.

“He is in a coma and unresponsive at this time,” Brock told E! Online. “He turned his head two days ago, but nothing since.”

While Celebrity Rehab wasn’t his only “gig” he only had a few appearances in the last four years since the show no doubt due to the heavy influence of methadone and oxyContin in his life.

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