Megan Fox Topless in Passion Play (Photos!)

Check out the Photo Gallery Here!

Fans of Megan Fox first saw the actress topless in Jennifer’s Body – now new pics reveal that the actress known as one of the most beautiful girls in the world – is topless again for her new role in Passion Play.

In Passion Play Fox plays a sideshow attraction Lily the Bird Woman – who is being held against her will by ruthless gangsters. It’s Mickey Rourke’s character, a trumpeter, who meets Lily and is transformed and does everything he can to save her from the carnival freak show she’s a part of.

The movie itself got really really bad ratings. According to the UK’s Daily Mail the movie didn’t get a cinema release and has been described as “Awful”, a “mess” and an “absolute car wreck.” Even Mickey Rourke had no good words for the film saying, “It’s so bad”

“In your career,” he explains, “And all the movies you make, you’re going to make dozens of terrible ones.”


Well we will save you the trouble from having to sit through this craptastic film and instead give you a photo gallery where you can see all the good parts..

Check out the Photo Gallery Here!

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