Seth McFarlane Does Flintstones Reboot – YabbaDabba.. Wtf!?

Thought the Flintstones franchise was dead? Apparently not, since Seth MacFarlane plans to bring it back with a whole new reboot that includes tv and film projects.

If you’ve been living under a rock and don’t know who Seth MacFarlane is, he is the brain (and voice) or Fox’s cartoon sitcoms “Family Guy”, “American Dad”, and “The Cleveland Show”.

The news that he wanted to bring back the classic cartoon put some Flintstones shareholders on edge – which makes me laugh since all I can imagine is 90 year olds sitting around the table every year talking about the pennies they gained from being shareholders of “The Flintstones.” I mean they can’t be making money off the cartoon since that hasn’t been around for a while or the movies since they are probably the only ones who watched the two Flintstones films.

Fox confirmed the news at their 2011 upfronts this week. Fox said his reboot would air in 2013.

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