Survivor Winner 2011 is Boston Rob Mariano: Victory Sparks Controversy!

Survivor fans have been watching Boston Rob (Rob Mariano) attempt to secure the title of Sole Survivor for 4 seasons now. He came close to winning in the All-Stars season but ended up placing second to his then-girlfriend and now-wife, Amber Brkich. Now, almost a decade since he began his journey on the show and 127 days playing the game, Boston Rob has finally made his way to the end and secured the title of Survivor Winner 2011!

Rob pled his case to the jury alongside Natalie and Phillip but it seemed unlikely that anyone but Rob would win. While he may have been the best player to grace the game in the last 22 seasons, many felt as though Rob had too many chances to win already and shouldn’t have been given the money when he and Amber already have over a million dollars thanks to CBS.

Regardless of how some of the bitter jury members felt (and many fans at home) it was unarguable that Rob played the best game this season and, thus, was rewarded the title and the money. But, that’s not all.

In addition to the million dollars that Rob won last night – and the million dollars that Amber won on her season – the couple also took home an extra $100,000. Rob was voted as fan favorite this season with 40 percent of the votes. Matt was close behind in second with 36 percent but couldn’t secure enough votes to take home the cash prize.

Now that you know who won Survivor last night, tell me, do you think it’s fair that Rob won the million dollars AND the hundred thousand fan favorite prize?

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14 Responses to Survivor Winner 2011 is Boston Rob Mariano: Victory Sparks Controversy!

  1. Boston Rob deserves every bit of the money.What he did was unbielievable and had to have been very tough.He is why I watch Surviver. You rock Rob !!!

  2. The million dollar winner should not be allowed as fan favorite, all votes for the million dollar should not be counted for favorite, and the next highest vote should get the 100k.
    Check out the rock on Amber’s finger in the picture, a little greed here perhaps, there were others who really needed the money. Rob and Amber are 2x millionaires. Rob’s extremely large ego needed an awful lot to be fed.

  3. Rob deserves every dime! bring back Russel he got robbed!!Soooo unfair what they did to him!

  4. Yes, he deserves it! Brilliant, exhausting manuevers brought him to the finals. It was thrilling to watch. And kudos to the jury for their fairness and integrity. Best season in many ways.

  5. I never liked Rob. He won because the other two brainless, spineless, brainwashed idiots sitting next to him deserved it even less. They were only there because they were his chosed flunkies, not because of anything they did in the game. So it was the lesser of three evils. I hope he rots with all his money and his daughters one day see the show and see what a rat they have for a father.

  6. BOSTON ROB is a Pleasure to Watch!:D HE IS WHY I WATCHED!:D I wish he and Amber would also do the Amazing Race Again!:D:D:D I <3 ROBS INTEGRITY & Devotion to Amber & his Beautiful Children!:D:D:D:D I Wish Rob & his Sweet Wife Amber & their Family ALL THE BEST!:D:D:D:D:D I do think that fans are trying to insure their Favorite goes home with some money (incase they get voted off, like Russel!:S (RUSSEL SHOULD HAVE WON SURVIVOR AWHILE BACK TOO!:S!:D) I am proud of the game Matt played, for his Integrity & Righteous example!:D For the Honor & Praise he gave to God, Our Heavenly Father & also to Our Brother & Saviour, Jesus Christ!:D Its nice to see someone has the courage to stand up before the Nation & World & Give Praise & Glory to The Maker of us all!:D People were genuinely touched & changed for the better because of Matt!:D The Lord will Bless Matt!:D There are many Blessings Greater than Money!:D:D Redemption Island WAS actually a Blessing to Matt…He did not have to deal with the pressure of all the social head games!:D He had a sweet comfortable set up!:D Survivors would come in & divulge critical info. On everyone!:D He had Perfect opportunities to build fantastic relationships with everyone going on the Jury!:D There is no doubt in my mind since most everyone was JEALOUS of Rob, that had Matt stayed in the game & made it to final 3…Matt would have won…Redemption Island actually stacked the votes in Matts favor…As much as I admire Matt…I was so HAPPY he did not make it!:D Besides Matts Young, they will bring him, Rightfully back for another chance!:D:D:D I really feel ROB deserved to Win!:D:D:D:D AFTER All ROB REALLY SHOULD HAVE WON 10 YEARS AGO!:D ROB DID LEARN, HE PERFECTED HIS GAME!:D IT WAS NEAR FLAWLESS!:D & you could tell, IT DID BOTHER Rob to vote Grant out!:S !:D BOSTON ROB MADE THIS SURVIVOR GREAT!:D BOSTON ROB HAD MY VOTE FOR THE MILLION ALL THE WAY!:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D SO HAPPY BOSTON ROB WON!:D:D:D:D:D:D

  7. GAG! PUKE! The ONLY reason Rob looked liked he played a smart game was because he was playing with a bunch of IDIOTS who didn’t vote him off ASAP and allowed an already “Millionaire” to win MORE money! I HOPE CBS NEVER puts another PAST Survivor on the show again! To see a guy win who already has money almost makes me HATE the Survivor show now! Come on CBS…Play a Fair Game!!!

  8. I watched because of boston rob I am 70 years old and I love himI am so happy for him and his family,I have watched them all. and yes yes he deserved the million way to go rob

  9. When I heard Rob was back, I stopped watching. He knew how to play the game by the many times he was on the show. “GET A REAL JOB” and stop living off of CBS. Next CBS will bring back all the folks who have won in the past to win again.

  10. Shirley Hendrix says:

    Rob deserved to win, but I would have liked to see Matt win the 100,000. Good game both of you!!!

  11. Lying is not outwitting. This season cured a long time fan of his Survivor addiction. What a lame season. Lying is not outwitting. Clever deception is outwitting. Rob is a charismatic liar. The show suffered with the changes.

  12. I have never seen it before and will never watch again. Bringing back a player is the most unfair thing to do. All you people saying you like him and he should win are as dumb as the people on the game.CBS stinks will not watch it because of that. And Anyone out there who likes Rob is a moron and you don`t deserve the money either.

  13. Rob won, he was the best.. the fan favorite money goes to the one who the fans voted for.. If the favorite is also the winner.. so be it.. its NOT about who needs the money more, Its about who earned it.

  14. Say what you will about Rob, but after being a long time survivor fan the thing that is becoming very tired is whiney jury members being put out because they were deceived. It happens every season and I am still gobsmacked that people waste their question/address to the finalists about how they were treated by their “friend” or alliance. 16 strangers and $1m, and everything they endure for their time in the game…… let’s not kid ourselves that these people put friendship first and the $1m second.
    Reality TV works because everyone likes to watch humans at their cringeworthy best. Some winners have chosen to do great things with their money (let’s leave Hatch out of that argument) like Ethan. Maybe Rob and Amber also have a philanthropic streak. Humans aren’t always cringeworthy…..