Charlie Sheen is OFFICIALLY Replaced – Ashton Kutcher on Two and a Half Men

“What’s the square root of 6.25?”

Ashton Kutcher tweeted that yesterday alluding to the fact that he is now the official replacement of Charlie Sheen on Two and a Half Men.

Is anyone else happy all this is over?

In the last few months it seemed like every celebrity out there was vying for the part. Possible replacements for the role included John Stamos, Rob Lowe, Woody Harrelson, and Jeremy Pivan. Hugh Grant was even offered the role and he turned it down.

“It’s really funny. People are going to love it. Chuck’s really happy.” A source says.

Apparently they’ve created a hilarious storyline to introduce Kutcher into the fold. It’s been said that he will be earning less than Sheen’s $2.5 million per episode. But don’t feel bad for him – he’s still got a major pay day coming his way.

What do you think about the new decision? Is Ashton Kutcher the right guy for the job?

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9 Responses to Charlie Sheen is OFFICIALLY Replaced – Ashton Kutcher on Two and a Half Men

  1. Not enthused about Kutcher, was really hoping for Jeremy Piven to be the replacement. Piven is such an outstanding actor.

  2. yeah Piven is great and can play a great drunken letch. But I think he may have been a bit too dark for this show. Ashton has some big shoes to fill, so we’ll see how he does. Strangely I’m not as turned off by this choice as I thought I would be.

  3. We will see what happens, but I am not a big fan of Ashton. He is only really known for The 70’s Show, Punk’d, and his marriage to Demi Moore, but hey, Charlie Sheen is a disgrace and embarrassment, and we can only watch and judge. Maybe we will be surprised-I am sick of the reruns and maybe new talent is what is needed. We will have to see, after all, the other actors carried the show as well and Charlie was immensely overcompensated.

  4. Zombeewolf says:

    Not to nitpick but Kutcher is 13 years younger than Jon Cryer and Charlie Sheen (okay Jon is the oldest by a couple of months). How is Kutcher going to be believed as the older brother(Storyline quick changed irk me). It’s such a stretch giving this role to Kutcher–he’s known for playing the same role as Jon Cryer already plays in the show. Just cancel the show already and give “Bleep My Dad Says” another season (it had a slow start but the last few eps were pretty good)

  5. Amy Michaels says:

    I believe that Robert Downey Jr. should have replaced Sheen! But it will be very interesting to see how Ashton Kutcher does!

  6. I don’t like Kutcher. I think he’s a tool. I AGREE that Robert Downey Jr. could be an excellent choice!

  7. Michael, Washington says:

    Bleep my dad says is a little funny, (2 an a half men)is 1 of the funnyest shows I’ve seen in a long time. although Kutcher is a good actor, Stamos, or, Lowe just look the part… In any case the show is great and should continue…

  8. No one can replace Charlie. Sorry.

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