Sleeping Beauty 2011 at Cannes: Too Shocking for audiences?

Since the movie, Sleeping Beauty first released its trailer there’s been some serious buzz and controversy around the movie. Now at the Cannes, the movie seems to be shocking audience members as well.

The movie is about a young college student who chooses to be a geisha for middle aged men as an experiment of sorts and for the money. She’s paid to use Rohipnol – completely knocking herself out under the promise that the wealthy men who pay for it will just observe her and lay with her. Of course that doesn’t exactly happen and while she’s awake she starts to get images of things that are happening while she’s asleep.

The ambiguity around her submissiveness is what seems to make audience members uncomfortable. Half of the audience members seemed put off by the movie.

Leigh and Browning discussed this discomfort at a recent press conference: I guess I am trying to get under people’s skin in a way,” Leigh said. “I like films that don’t go in one ear and out the other.”

“I think we diminish youth [we say] ‘they’re young; they’ll get over it,'” she said. “But I have a huge amount of respect for that passage of life. It’s a lot harder than we give it credence.”

Do you want to watch the movie?

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