Google IO 2011: Movie Rentals & Music News Spark Interest (Watch Live!)

Google’s Google I/O developers conference started today in San Francisco’s Moscone Center. The conference started a good number of attendees – especially since there wasn’t much expected in terms of big announcements this year.

So far there’s been a lot of talk about the Android – lots of devices and apps coming soon. Again, not much new news there.

What WAS new was the new movie rentals feature being added for both mobile devices and computers. The service will cost roughly $1.99 for each movie rental for a 24-hour period. They didn’t share much details about which movies would be available but that will definately be something to watch out for in the near future.

Next up was music news. Apparently, Google wants you to be able to store all your music (up to 20k songs) on the cloud and access it from any connected device. They showed the ability to import music from iTunes with all the playlist, play counts and ratings information attached. Not bad, however will it be free? They made it seem as though the beta version would be but beyond that it seems to be up in the air.

We’ll keep you updated on any more interesting news as the conference moves along – Day two is usually much more exciting. What’s more exciting that music and movies news though? I’m not sure.

If you’d like to see the keynotes from today watch the video below for a live feed:

What do you think about the new additions to Google’s repertoire so far? Does the movie rentals and music features interest you?

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  1. Karolyn Expo says:

    If anyone’s looking for a Google Music Beta invite, I found a blog giving them out for free. I figured that the waiting list would be too long, so I tried the blog out, and got my invite about an hour later. Nice.

    I don’t know if they have any remaining invites, but if you want to try your luck here’s the site:

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  3. Going to put this ariclte to good use now.