Charlie Sheen on Entourage? Jeremy Piven on Two and a Half Men?

Looks like Charlie Sheen is still getting work – surprising since his Violent Torpedo of Truth was a hit or miss across America.

Apparently, Doug Ellin the producer and creator of Entourage wants him to join Vincent Chase and friends on the final season the show.”I called his manager and was told maybe I’d get him,” Ellin tells TV Guide. “But I’m still waiting for Charlie to call me back. I’d come up with something good.”

Charlie Sheen isn’t calling Ellin back? Can you afford to do that Charlie?

He does chime in to say that filming ends next month which would open up Jeremy Piven to replace Charlie on Two and a Half Men. “”It would be feasible and they’d be lucky to have him.” Says Ellin.

Well that’s a bit suspicious. Maybe it’s not about Charlie Sheen after all – maybe this is all a ploy to get Piven in the running for the Sheen’s spot on the show. If so, I am all for Piven in that role!

What do you think? Should Sheen be on Entourage? Should Piven be on Two & a Half Men?

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2 Responses to Charlie Sheen on Entourage? Jeremy Piven on Two and a Half Men?

  1. emma bovary says:

    Tiffany what you said doesn’t make any sense.
    As for the Masheen on Entourage : just cool very good move from Ellin.

  2. Cheers pal. I do appeircate the writing.