Jesse James: Sex with Kat Von D “100 Percent” Better than Sandra Bullock – Ouch!

Just when I think Jesse James can’t be any more of a douchebag than he already is, he manages to surprise me once again.

For those of you who haven’t been keeping tabs on America’s most-hated self-proclaimed bad boy, you should know he’s been writing a book. A book mostly based on facts about his divorce from Sandra Bullock and what it was like being married to America’s sweetheart. Simply put, he’s cashing in on the fame he endured for being married to – and subsequently cheating on – one of the world’s most respected actresses.

So what exactly did Jesse say that was so harsh?

In addition to telling the world that he felt “trapped” in his marriage, James also writes how Sandra was shaking and sobbing when he broke the news to her that he had been having an affair with another woman. But the most shocking part of what Jesse’s been saying in the media was a comment he made to Howard Stern this week.

When asked what the sex was like with ex-wife Sandra Bullock compared to fiancé Kat Von D, James told Stern that it is “100 percent better” with Kat. Ouch.

Yet another reason why Jesse James is a complete and total douchebag.

Thanks again Jesse. For nothing.

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3 Responses to Jesse James: Sex with Kat Von D “100 Percent” Better than Sandra Bullock – Ouch!

  1. Jesse James needs to lose the name. He’s a wannabe. He’s no bad-boy, he’s a just a boy. Period.

  2. White trash scumbag trying to claim to claim himself as a “badboy”! How does cheating on your wife and writing a book of lame ass excuses qualify you as an outlaw?? Dude get a fucking clue and hide yourself from society -you suck!!

  3. filth attracts filth, get the picture. why move from a pent house to the gutter. in reality she probably figured out wayyyy too late that you are nobody cashing in on a somebody, lets see how good sex is with kat when her tattoos are around her ankles. HERES TO YOU TRASH AND TRASHIER