What Time Does the Royal Wedding Start: Full Schedule Here!

Are you anxiously awaiting the kick-off of the Royal Wedding 2011? The biggest event of the season is less than two hours away and we have all the details of what to expect for the big day.

From the arrival of popular guests (like Victoria and David Beckham, who just arrived) to Kate and William themselves, we have the play-by-play of the day so you know exactly what to look for at the right time.

The biggest question asked by viewers is “What time does the Royal Wedding Start?” The answer to this question is 6am EST and 11am UK time.

Here is the full schedule for those of you interested:

Starts: 8:15 – 9:45am (3:15 – 4:45 EST) – The general congregation and guests will arrive at Westminster Abbey

Guests arrive will continue to arrive until around 10:00am (5am EST). The marriage service begins at 11:00 am (6am EST) and is expected to wrap up at 12:15 (7:25am EST).

The complete schedule can be downloaded here.

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