Leprosy Linked to Armadillos in U.S. – Texas You’ve Been Warned!

No more bbq’s for you Texas.. these crispy lil’ critters are a bundle of disease!

When you think of Leprosy you think of it as a disease that doesn’t affect anyone in North America but oddly enough about 150 Americans are diagnosed with leprosy every year.  Leprosy, for those who don’t know, is a disease that affects the nervous system and disfigures the skin.

While it’s not an epidemic – it is kind of interesting where the leprosy is said to come from. Two thirds of the people infected with leprosy pick it up while travelling oversees  while another third seem to pick it up from armadillos.

Yes, armadillos.

While they may seem to be innocent little critters they seem to be a carrier of Hansen’s Disease or Leprosy. Although, it was humans, that first infected the animals in the first place.

Contracting the disease from an armadillo isn’t easy. Brief contact or moving the animal won’t infect you and if you do get infected you can usually take antibiotics. It is those who come in direct contact with the armadillo flesh will increase your chances.

BBQ’d Armadillo anyone?

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