Lenny Dykstra Gets Naked and Scares Housekeeper

Lenny Dykstra seems to think his life is a movie – and that Craiglist ads that seek housekeepers inadvertently lead to sex.

Too bad the LAPD doesn’t feel the same way.

Apparently former baseball player Lenny Dykstra took out an ad in Craigslist for a housekeeper. When he called her in for an interview she was a bit caught of guard.. with his nakedness.

When she arrived he let her know that he didn’t expect her just to clean but to give him massages as well. Then he proceeded to take off his clothes and tell her she wouldn’t be hired until he sampled her skills.


The woman ridiculously offended (how could she not be) let the home, and immediately filed a police report. She also got herself a lawyer and plans to sue Dykstra.

He is being investigated by the LAPD for lewd conduct.

This isn’t the first run in with the police for Dykstra he’s been arrested for DUIs, and embezzling money from a bankruptcy estate and is also under investigation for grand theft auto.


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