Bree Olson Dumps Charlie Sheen… by Text!

Bree Olson (Rachel Oberlin) seems to have finally left her role her boyfriend Charlie Sheen.. for good! Apparently the break up happened via text message.

Bree Olson seemed to have enough of Charlie Sheen’s “My Violent Torpedo of Truth/Defeat is Not an Option” tour – where she engaged in girl on girl kissing on stage and kept on with her usually off stage routine with Sheen.

Olson has returned home to her parents’ house in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Who will replace the Goddess?

Sheen has already invited Lindsay Lohan to party with him after she was released Last Friday. “I would hug her and let her know it’s gonna be OK.”

However, he has not officially joined her to replace Olson.

That opening is still waiting to be filled by Mila Kuniz.


Which actress do you think is best suited for Charlie Sheen’s “goddess” role?

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