Three Cups of Tea – Mortenson Under Review by Publisher after 60 Minutes Allegations

This has not been a good couple of days for Greg Mortenson.

Last night, Greg Mortenson’s book ‘Three Cups of Tea’ was under attack with allegations claiming that many of the stories in the best seller were actually false. The book is about Greg Mortenson, a mountain climber turned humanitarian and his journey and commitment to reducing poverty and promoting education for girls in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Mortenson had this to say about the allegations on the Chronicle:

“I hope these allegations and attacks, the people doing these things, know this could be devastating for tens of thousands of girls, for the sake of Nielsen ratings and Emmys.”

The Chronicle story also goes into all of the allegations as well as Mortenson’s interpretation of the facts. He has an answer to everything, however, take it with a grain of salt as the article does make mention of Greg Mortenson as “Bozeman philanthropist.”

Viking, the publisher of the book and imprint of Penguin, seem to be taking a closer look at the book. They released this statement today:

“Greg Mortenson’s work as a humanitarian in Afghanistan and Pakistan has provided tens of thousands of children with an education. 60 Minutes is a serious news organization and in the wake of their report, Viking plans to carefully review the materials with the author.”

Watch the Interview here:

Have you read Three Cups of Tea? In your opinion, does the end justify the means – Are Mortenson’s exaggerations or lies okay as long as schools are being built and children are being helped?

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