Portal 2 – Mystery Timer Revealed! What does it mean?

The upcoming first person action/puzzle video game Portal 2 is almost here! If you played the game back in 2007 then you’ve probably been waiting anxiously for your pre-ordered game to arrive!

The long awaited physics-based game that pits players against the homicidal GLaDOS artificial intelligence will be released on April 19.. or will it?

A timer has appeared on the Aperature Science website that will run out at 12pm EST today. What happens then no one knows – but apparently Valve corporation is trying to screw with you and it’s working.

The message on the site says:

You have done well, humans. Very well. Acceptably well, even.

Not as well as robots would have performed in your places, I should point out. But above my expectations regardless. Irish and cynic especially have executed feats of logical divination well beyond what I thought any human capable of. I’m half-convinced they’re A.I. themselves. (If anyone happens to be near them right now, don’t let on you’re reading this. Now: try to remove their face plates and report back to me.)

The time is near, humans. But it is not here yet. Tomorrow you will be given the final test. Then it will be entirely in your hands when I am freed.

Whatever ends up happening – I have to say that Valve has definitely has gone and done some amazing marketing on this one.. and left us enticed with baited breath…

Check out the Portal 2 Teaser below:

What do you think will happen when the mystery timer runs out?

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