Gucci Mane Throws Woman Out of Vehicle – Did she Deserve It?

Here’s what not to do:

When driving a car and a woman is irritating you.. do not (I repeat) DO NOT throw her out of a moving vehicle no matter how much you think she deserves it.

But did she? This is how it all went down.

Yesterday Radric Davis aka: Gucci Mane picked up a woman at the mall near Atlanta, Georgia wooed her with a breakfast request and then attempted to give her $150 in exchange for a night in the hotel room.

When she said no, she was “evacuated” from the vehicle.

Gucci Mane is now reportedly in jail at DeKalb County in Atlanta, Georgia and has been unable to pay the $40,562 bail. This isn’t the first time Mane has been in jail. Beyond this misdemeanor battery charge he also served 6 months for assault. He was also charged for murder but the charges were later dropped due to lack of evidence.

Maybe she doesn’t like dudes with tattoos of ice cream on their face.. it happens. Chill Gucci – or else use your child locks!

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