Richard Branson Taking the World by Virgin Oceanic Submarine!

Richard Branson is one of the most respected businessmen in the world and his latest venture proves that he’s still on the cutting edge of technology. He’s already taken the world by air and now he’s going to attempt to take the world by sea as well!

According to new reports from the Brainstorm GREEN conference, Branson will embark on an underwater mission to explore some of the deepest parts of the world’s oceans via a submarine designed by Graham Hawkes.

The vehicle has been called the Virgin Oceanic submarine and Branson himself confirmed the news to Fortune Managing Editor Andy Serwer at the conference.

The submarine weighs a whopping 8,000 lbs and is constructed of carbon fiber and titanium.

So what exactly is this sub capable of?

According to Branson, the machine has an operating depth of 37,000 ft and has the ability to run for 24 hours without any assistance. He also notes that the Virgin Oceanic is considerably less expensive to operate compared to other submarines and has stronger abilities than its counterparts.

Yet another reason why Richard Branson is amazing.

What are your thoughts on the Virgin Oceanic.

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