AgroLabs Coconut Water Recovery Shot Giveaway Winners!

After a workout, there is always one question on the minds of those whom have just finished breaking a sweat; “What should I drink or eat now?” The answer to this does depend on how much you’re working out, however if you do more than an hour of intense exercise, you need to refuel your body with something other than water.  Getting the proper electrolytes and nutrition is essential after you workout and not only will it help you rehydrate, but it can also help you have a better workout the next time you exercise.

Many people shy away from eating after a workout that is why AgroLabs Coconut Water Recovery Shot is the ideal solution. The 3oz portable shot can fit into any bag and has key ingredients that will replenish essential electrolytes. Whenever you feel rundown or depleted our Coconut Water Recovery™ Shot is ideal for energy replenishment or before or after exercise.  

This week we’re giving away AgroLabs Coconut Water to 3 LUCKY MANOLITH Readers!

And the winners are..

– Shannon Baas
– Cindy Merrill
– Toni Marie Caravello

Congrats!  Check your email for more info on claiming your prize.

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