Jesse Ventura Talks Conspiracies, Lithium & 2012 Presidential Election

If you need career advice – don’t go to James Franco, go to Jesse Ventura. The once pro-wrestler, governor Minnesota, Navy SEAL, and Harvard professor is back in the news today for taking on a new venture.. book writing. He recently wrote,  “63 Documents the Government Doesn’t Want you Read” and is now on various media outlets promoting his work and spreading his worldly insights and conspiracy suspicions to all who would listen.

This morning he was on American Morning giving his opinion on why he wouldn’t have a chance in the presidential race. “As Ralph Nader said we live under a two-party dictatorship…Nobody else is let into the game.”

Well that doesn’t sound too far off, but if there’s anyone that can bring out the wacky in someone it’s our CNN friend Piers Morgan on Piers Morgan Tonight.

During his appearance last night he offered his take on why the US are still fighting in Afghanistan:
“It came to me six months ago when a story came out that they found lithium there that they say is worth a trillion dollars,” Ventura explains. “Now, what is lithium used for? Every cell phone, every computer, and soon to be electric cars.”

Piers Morgan did not agree and told Ventura he thought everything has an ulterior motive, he ended the conversation admitting his own suspicions that Ventura was on lithium himself.

Check out the Interview here:

What do you think about Jesse Ventura – would you buy his book?

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2 Responses to Jesse Ventura Talks Conspiracies, Lithium & 2012 Presidential Election

  1. Piers Morgan is the biggest douche since Massengill joined the party.

    Jesse Ventura puts it out there. Some of his theories are stretches, while others have so much evidence it’s really quite frightening. Yeah, I’ll be reading his book, and watching his show again this season.

  2. I,ve watched Jesse’s “Conspiracy Theroy” and believe it as I get to travel alot in my work.Get to see things most sit-at-home types only hear about third hand.
    When Jesse stated that our government is a nazi type combination of big business and organized religeon…it’s true.
    I am losing a lawsuit because the judges that are “overseeing the case”,are good buddies with the surveyors,they use then for their own land issues plus their fathers were part of the Washington State Bundt back in the thirties and they are all some sort of big wig in their respective churches. That is just on my small level..Who cares that they broke federal law by moving a quarter-section line illegaly..No one,because the county and the surveyors and the judges all made a shit-pot of money off of it and screwed the little guy like me.
    So if you don’t think that Jesse is correct in his views,you’d better wake the sam-hell up and start drinking the black stuff(coffee) and not the yellow stuff purported as news(piss).