HOT Kate Upton Photos – You know You Wanna..

Well if you’ve been living under a rock recently then you probably didn’t notice Kate Upton – for the rest of you we have brought you the holy grail of awesomeness in photo gallery form.

Ya we know.. we rock.

Kate Upton is HUGE right now. From Sports Illustrated to GUESS to the 2011 Victoria Secret Sleepwear collection she is definately making her mark. But that’s not whats making her ever so popular today. It’s her appearance at the Victoria’s Secret VIP Swim Event at Los Angeles Club L on Wednesday that is turning heads.. most notably because she was walking hand in hand with none other than Kanya West and leaving out the back door to avoid paparazzi.

What’s so different about Kate Upton? She LOVES social media – which means lots of sexy updates and Twitpics to keep an eye out for. Check out her Twitter account.

Check out the Photo Gallery Here

What do you think about Kate Upton? Anyone else you want to see on Manolith?!

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