The Meat Loaf Meltdown – Rock Star Gets Ragey Over Gary Busey & Art Supplies

I don’t know what it is about Gary Busey but he has this amazing talent to make otherwise sane people around him go bat$hit crazy.

This is exactly what happened when Meat Loaf, in an effort to find art supplies – completely lost his flipping mind. It starts with Meat Loaf looking around the room for art supplies that he can’t find. Silently cursing himself, no one seems to know what’s going on.  Then in this most epic rage-tastic moment I have ever seen with my own eyes he just loses it and points all his art supplies anger towards Gary Busey who calmly informs him that he is using his own art supplies that he purchased himself – he even offered to show him a receipt.

“You look in my eyes, I am the last person in the f**king world you ever f**king want to f**k with!” Mr. Loaf screams at Busey.

Ultimately the art supplies are found in the corner still in the bag. The scene ends and I start to worry that Busey is rubbing off on his Celebrity Apprentice costars. Where can we expect to see Meat Loaf next? On  Celebrity Rehab rocking back and forth in the corner of his closet mumbling bits about art supplies and Gary Busey to himself.

Check out the semi-hilarious slightly terrifying clip from the show:

 I don’t know about you – But I totally want to start a reality TV series where I put Gary Busey and Charlie Sheen in a room and watch the world implode… any takers?

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