Nintendo Launches 3DS – The First 3D Gaming Console

This weekend Nintendo unveiled their new gaming console – a console they think has what it takes to compete with $1 Game App Smart Phones – the 3DS. Like the DS, the console features two screens in a fold up shell – bottom being a touch screen and the top being a viewing screen. The Difference? It is the first ever completely 3D gaming console.

At the unveiling, Nintendo’s chief executive Satoru Iwata asked the group, “Is maintaining high-value games a top priority, or not?”  He noted that there are two sides to the gaming business – smartphone devices with thousands of apps on one side and gaming consoles on the other. Smartphone apps intent is to have users create as much software as possible because quantity leads to more money. For gaming consoles – it’s all about the quality of the software.

The device will start at $250 with games averaging around $40 a piece. When the device went on sale in Japan at the end of February, it sold out its initial production run of 400k units. has already reported the device as a top seller based on strong preorders.

Although I’m not a fan of 3D television or movies – I think this is a great idea for Nintendo.  This is the future of 3D technology. You don’t need to buy anything extra and you don’t have to wear the weird glasses.  It’s not as intrusive as other 3D devices.  While the prices of the games are a little steep, I’m sure the prices will go down eventually or certain games will come out at lower price points.

What do you think about the unveiling of the new Nintendo console? Good or bad idea? Would you buy it?

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  1. Confused. Nintendo did not “unveil” the 3DS this weekend, they started SELLING it LAST weekend in the US. As well, why not a photo of the actual 3DS instead of a fanboy mockup created a couple of years ago? And finally, the 3DS isn’t the first-ever fully 3D console. I believe that title belongs to the Virtual Boy, although someone can feel free to correct me if there’s something prior to that that I’m forgetting.

    As for my thoughts on the 3DS, I have one in my pocket right now and I’m loving it, but mostly due to the surrounding features and less the 3D.