Rise Against End Game Signed CD Giveaway Winner!

Rise Against’s brand new studio album Endgame is out today via DGC/Interscope records. Endgame is the band’s sixth studio album. You can purchase Endgame at a variety of retailers, including from iTunes. The band wrote a personal message to their fans announcing the new release:

ENDGAME has finally arrived. Our new record is now available, thanks for all the great feedback from the streams and the single release. We are happy to finally present the new record in its entirety for you to digest. A huge thanks to our producers Jason Livermore and Bill Stevenson and all at the Blasting Room for all their hard work on what is now the 4th record they have helped us create, a record we are proud to put our names on.

It’s been incredible to watch a few songs already taken on new meanings even before they had been released.  Inspired by New Orleans and the Gulf Coast, “Help Is On The Way” resonates with what is happening now in Japan as well as the recent flooding in Australia. “Architects” speak of a generation of people designing the world we want to live in, and in revolutions in Egypt and other places in the middle east, we can see those very Architects shaping the future and laying down the foundations for a new model. “Disparity By Design” discusses income disparity, and we see that design to keep the rich rich and the poor poor, as well as the push back against it happening now in Madison, WI. There too, the architects of tomorrow are on the streets as we speak.

As Endgame unfolds in your speakers, I hope you breathe it in deeply.  Is this only entertainment? That’s up to you.  See you on the road.”

Order Endgame at www.riseagainst.com/endgame.

Last week we announced the Rise Against Signed CD Giveaway and today we annouce the winner.

And the winner is…

Ken Robinson

Congrats!  Check your email for more info on claiming your prize.

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