Limited Edition Guinness Speck iPhone 4 Cases Giveaway!

How Do YOU pour the Perfect Pint of Guinness? Guiness wants to know!

Guiness Master Brewer Fergal Murrat shows viewers how it sholud be done. He’s on a mission to ensure everyone knows how the perfect pint is pour – so he gives out five tips to help you get a great pint, every time.

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This week we’re giving away a Limited Edition Guinness Speck iPhone 4 Cases to TEN Manolith Readers!

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    Good luck!

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    48 Responses to Limited Edition Guinness Speck iPhone 4 Cases Giveaway!

    1. edwina lango says:

      just pour against the side of glass

    2. Rebecca Graham says:

      I pour Guiness when it is cold.

    3. Rebecca Graham says:

      Like Manolith on Twitter; rhoneygee

    4. Karen Gonyea says:

      LOVE it 🙂

      FB Fan 🙂

    5. right down the side to avoid foam!!!

    6. following manolith on twitter @IHeartCupcakes5

    7. ice chilled glasses on the side

    8. I tilt the glass a little, and stay to the side.

    9. david basile says:

      cool case fb like

    10. I pour the prefect glass right down the side of the glass to avoid a really foamy head. Prefer my beer a bit chilled.

    11. I Liked the page with the Facebook button on the post (Steph E.)

    12. I am a Facebook fan (Steph E.)

    13. Follow on Twitter (mnsteph)

    14. JAMES P LYNAM says:

      SLOW & EASY against the side of the glass.

    15. Chris Hayden says:

      I pour the Perfect Pint of Guinness from my home keg, I use the 119.5 second method of fill it 3/4 of way with a clean glass on an angle, let it settle then top it off and enjoy!

    16. Marc-Andre Taillefer says:

      I pour Guiness when it is cold.

    17. I pour the perfect by using an upside down Guinness spoon – works perfectly every time!

    18. I am a fan on facebook (jack ripple)

    19. I liked this post on facebook

    20. I pour the perfect pint right down the side of my trademark Guiness Glasses.

    21. I dont! I usually get the hot bartender to do it for me as seductively as possible.

    22. I follow on Twitter. (p_weezy415)

    23. I follow on FB. (Paul Arca)

    24. I “Like” this post on FB. (Paul Arca)

    25. JAMES P LYNAM says:


    26. Angela Winesburg says:

      Following via Twitter (@Hotsnotty2), Thanks!

    27. I follow on twitter @potlicker26

    28. I pour it slowly while tilting the glass to the side to avoid foam. Thanks!

    29. follow Manolith on twitter @amied027.

    30. like Manolith on FB under rene denning

    31. FB liked giveaway under rene denning.

    32. Straight down the hatch is my perfect pour.

    33. Like you on FB. SalanderServant

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    35. I am a Twitter follower. Fatally_Flayed

    36. Christal Couturier says:

      Pour? I don’t need no stinking pour…..I Drain

    37. Christal Couturier says:

      Like you on FB
      christal fuller couturier

    38. Christal Couturier says:

      “liked” this post on FB

    39. Gaines Simmons says:

      I pour slow, steady and sure. I am following, liking, joining and subscribing.

    40. susan smoaks says:

      i pour the perfect pint by going slow and steady with just right amount of head!

    41. susan smoaks says:

      your fb fan tony l smoaks

    42. susan smoaks says:

      your twitter follower @fdp4life

    43. I pour it slow.

    44. I pour it very carefully

    45. Miranda Ward says:

      slowly and sideways!