Kendra Wilkinson: From Sex Tape to Camera Shy?

We all know that Kendra Wilkinson is NOT camera shy. Her sex tape Kendra Exposed (link NSFW) is one of the number one sex tapes of all time and one of the highest pre-ordered celebrity sex tapes in the vivid’s history.

So what is she complaining about now?

Apparently, she’s really nervous about her stint on Dancing With the Stars. In an interview with CNN, she said, “”I have a fear of the stage, a fear of the audience,” Wilkinson said. “[The bright lights of the ballroom] made me dizzy. But I pulled it out and the fact that Carrie Ann [Inaba] said I didn’t miss one step made me feel so good.”

Hmmm.. so many jokes so little time.

Kendra did pretty well – getting an 18 during the shows premiere – so an average performance. Wonder if her sex tape fans will be watching her on DWTS or they’ll just rewatch her sex tape in her honor. That’s left to be decided.

Would you Rather – watch her sex tape or her Dancing with the Stars performance?

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2 Responses to Kendra Wilkinson: From Sex Tape to Camera Shy?

  1. Kallingwood Desuza says:

    They are prostitutes.Behind curtain,do the nastiest and on stage become pious deities.

  2. nicolas wilkenson says:

    mwen wè pa gen afè