Mad Men Delayed till 2012.. ish?

Mad Men & AMC need to make up.. fast! Negotiations are STILL being worked out.

Creator Matt Weiner has been working with AMC on a deal that should extend the show to its fifth and sixth season. Unfortunately,  since negotiations are still going on, Mad Men won’t be on anyone’s screens until 2012.. at the least.

So why the holdup?

Weiner wants some big bucks for Season 5 and 6. Let’s be honest before Mad Men, who really watched AMC? Unfortunately, that can only work for so long .Since Mad Men, Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead arhave become very popular.  Apparently The Walking Dead has twice as many viewers as Mad Men.

So are people sick of Mad Men? Would they rather watch a zombie show than a show about ad execs? That’s yet to be seen. I think in the end though everyone should get what they want.

What can we expect from the next season whenever it is? Vincent Boucher from Los Angeles Times worries about the fashion choices they may have to make and writes:

But where do we go from here? Don Draper, trying to stay “relevant” in a wide tie and floppy hair? Peggy Olsen, making her mark in a miniskirt and boots? Betty, with her cigarette, entertaining at home in palazzo pants? Roger, trying to keep pace with his younger wife, sporting a Nehru jacket? And perhaps Joan, rising in her managerial role, trading her figure-tracing dresses for a man-tailored trouser suit?

Costume designer Janie Bryant vaguely describes the new look that we might see in future Mad Men episodes:

“The beginning of the ’60s is all about innocence, and then there is the downfall. The fashion was so relevant to the social atmosphere of that decade. The most fascinating thing to me is that loss of innocence.”

So bellbottoms, psychedelics, wide ties and lapels.. hmm.. on the second thought, maybe Mad Men should stop while they’re ahead.

What do you think – Will you miss Mad Men this Summer?

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