Charlie Sheen on Jimmy Kimmel: Pucker Up (Watch)!

Another winning moment for Charlie Sheen!

Some may say that Charlie Sheen has hit rock bottom over the past few weeks but it appears to me that the former Two and a Half Men star has never been more on top of the world than he is right now.

His latest antics involved a surprise appearance on Jimmy Kimmel last night where he burst onto the stage, gave Jimmy a mouth-to-mouth kiss, yelled at the audience and handed out some signed photos of himself.

Charlie insisted he couldn’t stay long because “he has a show to write” but that didn’t stop him from taking a few minutes out to toss several slogan-filled t-shirts into the live audience.

There’s no denying that the force of Charlie Sheen is still in full effect in this country but how long will the infatuation with this man and his outlandish behavior last?

I guess only time will tell.

Did any of you buy tickets to see Charlie Sheen in action?

Check out the video of Charlie Sheen’s surprise ambush on the Jimmy Kimmel show:

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One Response to Charlie Sheen on Jimmy Kimmel: Pucker Up (Watch)!

  1. Turd Ferguson says:

    During that kiss you can literally see the herpes transferring from Charlie to Jimmy.