Youth Corridor Antioxidant Boost Skin Serum Giveaway Winner!

Antioxidants have become a staple in the fight against premature aging. For example, Vitamin C serum is known to improve skin’s softness and pigmentation as well as reduce wrinkles. However, if antioxidants can’t get into the skin, they can’t work their magic. To combat this problem, Dr. Gerald Imber ( created Youth Corridor Antioxidant Boost Skin Serum with 10% Vitamin C, E and Melatonin.

Dr. Imber’s training as a plastic surgeon and his knowledge of skin physiology allowed him to address not just the surface signs of aging, but to develop a formula that could take care of the inflammation that actually contributes to fine lines, sagging and overall loss of vitality in the skin. Melatonin is the key ingredient that allows these potent antioxidants to penetrate the skin while also calming inflammation.

Youth Corridor Antioxidant Boost Skin Serum may well be the most potent skincare weapon against aging, and certainly the new must-have treatment product in any skin care regimen to maintain healthy, youthful skin. Antioxidant Boost Skin Serum is central to Dr. Imber’s Youth Corridor skin care regimen. His no nonsense approach to skin care system is based on prevention * maintenance * correction. Diligent daily care can help retain the firmness, radiance and overall beauty of the skin, while self help and small procedures done earlier can stop the clock. Before bed each evening, three drops of Youth Corridor Antioxidant Boost Skin Serum should be applied to the face and neck with fingertips. The remainder should be rubbed into the back of hands.

The transforming results from Youth Corridor Antioxidant Boost Skin Serum will be obvious on face, neck and hands in days. Youth Corridor Antioxidant Boost Skin Serum; $125.00 at (

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