Russell Brand’s Dark Side: Women, Drugs & Dead Animals

Russell Brand has a dark side.. and it involves dead animals.

In an exclusive interview with  – Rock & Roll author Neil Strauss talked about his interviewing days with Russell Brand for his upcoming book Everyone Loves You When You’re Dead.  The book showcases interviews Madonna, Lady Gaga, Snoop Dogg, Ozzy Obourne, Tom Cruise, Zac Efron, Prince and Britney Spears from Strauss’ past.

Strauss talks to RadarOnline exclusively about his interview days with Russell Brand when he was
a womanizer – A Drug Addict – An Alcoholic – And a man obsessed with Dead Animals & Death.

“This is a guy who dated Kate Moss and all the time he was thinking ‘maybe her boobs are too small or maybe I can do better.’ Strauss admits in his interview.

The Russell Brand of the past was all about shock value. While he did admit to being obsessed with dead animals it was all about waking up his audience. “I felt that people were spellbound, like they’d been hypnotized, and I had to wake them up.”

He did so with dead rats, chickens and birds.

 “And I’d smash them up with a hammer and then throw them into the audience and go, ‘Why are you disgusted?  I’ve just rearranged their atoms.  They’re dead already.  Nothing’s happened. You’re being shocked by nothing.’

Strauss notes that clearly Brand was on drugs during the time of these incidents.

Brand later admits to Strauss that his life changed when he met and married Katy Perry. “It’s the difference between having a fake relationship with someone who is famous and good looking against having a real relationship with someone who you have intimacy with.” He admits to the interviewer.

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