Kill Bill Star Issued Arrest Warrant

Michael Madsen has gotten himself in some serious —-. After failing to show up at a hearing last week on child and spousal support issues, the judge issued an arrest warrant finding Madsen in contempt. Not only does he owe $570k in back payments for child and spousal support but if caught he will also need to pay $26k for bail.

Michael Madsen has most notably been known for his roles as Mr. Blonde in Reservoir Dogs, Kill Bill and Donnie Brasco. According to IMDB, the star has 5 movies in pre-production, 2 movies filming, 13 movies in post production, 4 movies coming out in 2011 and 2 completed.

 Um..  Are we expected to believe Madsen is hurting right now? I mean, I’d believe he’s too busy to go out and pay the support – but even then, there are bank transfers for that, no?

The fifty three year old actor has been married three times. First with actress Georganne LaPiere, next with Jeannine Bisignano (whom he shares 2 children with) and right now he is currently married to Deanna Morgan.

Let’s totally make this interesting now and get Dog the Bounty Hunter on him – I bet he’ll last an hour in hiding.

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