CNN Reporter Rosemary Church Jokes about Earthquake in Japan.. Just Disgusting!

Ugh.. Sometimes the ignorance of people really makes me mad!

The 8.9 Earthquake in Japan was a huge tragedy – 88,000 already have been said to be missing. So why was a reporter laughing?

Reporter Rosemary Church laughed LIVE on air when she talked about the Earthquake . She thought it was hilarious she was being flooded by tweets about the tsunami and that compared it to Godzilla.

We look to CNN for comfort and news – not some half pipe reporter that can’t keep her emotions in check.

People are NOT laughing!

Here’s some of the tweets that have been posted recently about the major flub in judgment on CNN:

haralabob: this japan equake, tsunami is tragic, the cnn coverage is too  – the anchor asked the people in the tsunami if they had time to tweet @cnn about 1 hour ago via

AlanFisher: Dear CNN anchor – perhaps this is not the best moment to say you are being flooded with tweets
about 1 hour ago

NateMook: RT @haralabob: this japan equake, tsunami is tragic, the cnn coverage is too – the anchor asked the people in the tsunami if they had time to tweet @cnn

Ravi_Matah: RT @somebadideas -Fuck you @CNN your anchor is giggling &  talking about monster movies while you’re showing waves sweep entire  homes away
half a minute ago

streetlightmind: Well Twitter, I think everyone’s complaining to @cnn was heard. They have pulled that anchor off the air. Now the focus can be on Japan
1 minute ago

NateMook: RT @AlbiJr: #CNN is reaffirming tonight how embarrassing they are… Worst anchor ever ..”we think the damage will be extensive”
5 minutes ago

Update: The incident is claiming to be a Twittersphere rumor started by this post – however, if anyone does find the video. Please add the link below.

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17 Responses to CNN Reporter Rosemary Church Jokes about Earthquake in Japan.. Just Disgusting!

  1. Looking forward to seeing the video that is apparently “coming soon”, especially considering it’s hard to have a video of something that didn’t happen. She did not make jokes about the earthquake or tsunami. She did not “laugh” at being flooded by tweets. Infact, you completely ignored a tweet from Alan Fisher that apologised for pointing out a small blip as EVERYONE on television has said at least one thing they probably should have put more thought into at one stage in their life. Also, Rosemary Church was not “pulled off air” – she actually stayed on past her usual shift until CNN’s Hong Kong and London anchors came online and on air. Next time a post based on fact, rather than a few untruthful tweets is on the cards?

  2. f***you cnn!

    you guys suck

  3. This blog is unbelievably irresponsible, take it down. This anchor never said anything of the sort.

  4. fox has great coverage. cnn blows

  5. oh well, imho, cnn still sucks the big one

  6. Post the video please! I’ve been looking for it all morning but have only seen people on Twitter in an uproar.

  7. Alex Ryking says:

    This story is a lie and “Tiffany” is a liar. Expect a C&D from CNN, if it hasn’t happened already.

  8. I was watching CNN. The bitch did ask for tweets and was joking with a caller about his wife being more calm than he was. She was completely out of line.

  9. You fucking idiot. You’re libeling an innocent person. The CNN anchor did not do what you’ve described here.

  10. As sad as the tragedy is, it’s never too soon for some jokes. so quit crying you pussies!

  11. maybe she was drunk. or hate japanese.


  13. Monica Herring says:

    Spoke with this woman today. So self- important…no way she could or would acknowledge a mistake!

  14. David Hoebstein says:

    Rosemary Church’s character is being attacked because she dared to ask an Israeli spokesperson some tough questions (by CNN standards) recently. This story is a lie, “Tiffany” is probably part of the Israeli propaganda machine.

  15. jefh fkjhjfh says:

    What a fucking hooker looking bitch piece of human waste!!!

  16. hgfgf lhgjkf says:

    Dumb bitch! It makes me sad to see the media stoop to hiring an individual of such a low intelligence to up ratings. If I ever saw a woman of such low class and closely resembling a prostitute on the corner of a street, I would have no more regard to them than that of a piece of trash on the side of the road.

  17. How dare you attack Rosemary Church – a professional news anchor with 20 years experience. The story is a blatant lie you’ve construed from a few tweets. How can you be so incredibly irresponsible and post lies. The news anchor never did anything what you’re describing here. Do you have any basic journalistic or human values Tiffany? You should apologise and remove this post.