Jennifer Aniston Sex Tape & Smart Water

Jennifer has made a sex tape.. okay no she hasn’t. But she wants you to think so, so that her Smart Water ad will get more hits and go “virus” err… viral.

This 3 minute ad is actually pretty awesome. I was very surprised. I’m not sure why – Jennifer Aniston has always been funny but she’s just had a run of lame movies lately that made me second guess her. Weirdly enough I think this Smart Water ad will really give her a boost in popularity.

It has puppies, double rainbows, the lip syncing miniature guy  (Keenan Cahill) from Youtube, dirty dancing babies, Aniston kicking a dude in the balls, and her being ultra sexy.

I guess you only heard the sexy part right?

Le sigh – At least you’ll watch the video. That’s all that matters in the end.

Here’s the clip:

What do you think about Aniston’s viral hit?

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2 Responses to Jennifer Aniston Sex Tape & Smart Water

  1. richardstevens says:

    jen is a very beautiful woman and is old enough to do as she pleases people with negitive coments should mind their own bussines im sure they wouldnt want people makeing comments on their private lives.

  2. Jason F. Koch says:

    Jennifer can i go on one date with you?